Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cook County Electoral Board acts on more objections to judicial candidacies

The Cook County Board has rejected challenges to the judicial candidacies of James A. Wright (candidate for the countywide Simmons vacancy) and Rhonda Salleé (countywide Stewart vacancy), according to information recently posted on the website of Cook County Clerk David Orr. Pending any possible appeal, Wright and Salleé will appear on the March 20 Democratic primary ballot.

However, the Electoral Board has sustained objections to the 12th Subcircuit candidacy of Jennifer Bae. Bae's name will not appear on the Democratic primary ballot in that north suburban subcircuit, pending the outcome of any further appeals.

A number of objections remain pending regarding other judicial candidates.

Note: Readers with information concerning any Electoral Board appeals are encouraged to contact this blog with relevant information. There is an email link in the blog sidebar.

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