Wednesday, January 25, 2012

49th Ward Dems announce endorsements

The Democratic Party of the 49th Ward has announced its endorsements for the March 20 primary.

The link will take you to the post on Committeeman David Fagus's blog in which you'll find the complete list of candidates endorsed.

In the races for the two vacancies in the 9th Subcircuit, the 49th Ward has chosen to endorse Judge Lionel Jean-Baptiste for the Bender vacancy and Abbey Fishman Romanek for the Epstein vacancy.

The 49th Ward Democrats also considered candidates for the Supreme Court. Justice Mary Jane Theis was the choice of 54% of those voting at Monday night's screening session. Justice Joy V. Cunningham received 38% of the votes, however, and, according to Mr. Fagus's blog post, a candidate must receive 66.7% of the votes in order to be endorsed by the organization. According to Fagus's post, "Races in which no candidate received 66.7% of the vote will be refered to the Board of the Democratic Party for additional consideration and an endorsement may be made."

These were the only judicial races to come before the 49th Ward organization's endorsement session.

There was one other endorsement, in a non-judicial race, that may nevertheless be of some interest to judges and lawyers who happen across this post: Incumbent Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown received only 2% of the vote at the 49th Ward endorsement session. Ald. Ricardo Muñoz was the choice of the other 98% and was therefore endorsed.


Anonymous said...

I'm noticing no endorsements for countywide judges. Any idea whether those will be forth coming?

Jack Leyhane said...

The 49th Ward has made additional endorsements and you'll find these among my posts for February 13, 2012.