Sunday, January 08, 2012

Electoral Board rules on several candidate objections; others withdrawn

The remaining objections have been dropped against 2nd Subcircuit judicial candidate Alma Learetta Tyson, according to the Cook County Electoral Board (information posted on the website of Cook County Clerk David Orr).

According to the County Clerk's website, the Cook County Electoral Board has overruled objections to the judicial candidacies of Aicha Marie MacCarthy (7th Subcircuit - Jones vacancy), Judge Michael Ian Bender (Bender vacancy), and Terry Gallagher (4th Subcircuit - Riley vacancy).

Objections have also recently been withdrawn to the candidacy of Steve Demitro (countywide - Stewart vacancy). The Electoral Board has also overruled objections against three other candidates vying for the Stewart vacancy. Pending possible appeals, challenges to the nominating petitions of Judge Pamela M. Leeming, Mary Margaret Burke, and Sammy W. Lacey, Jr. have all been denied.

Because the objections against him have been withdrawn, Demitro's name will appear on the March 20 primary ballot. Pending possible appeals, Burke and Leeming are now also cleared to appear on the ballot.

Lacey's position is slightly different. Although one of the three challenges against his candidacy has been resolved in his favor, there are two other challenges still pending.

The Cook County Electoral Board recently sustained objections against a number of judicial candidates. Candidates against whom objections are sustained are effectively knocked off the ballot unless reinstated via an appeals process.

Objections have been sustained against Frank James Ryan (countywide - O'Brien vacancy), Martin Walter Burzawa (6th Subcircuit - Delgado vacancy), and Marianne G. Dwyer (8th Subcircuit - Cole vacancy).

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