Thursday, January 19, 2012

Edward J. Maloney interviewed on NTNM

Edward J. Maloney, a candidate for the countywide Pucinski vacancy, was recently interviewed on Avy Meyers' North Town News Magazine. With Mr. Meyers' permission, the interview is posted below.

NTNM airs on CAN TV, Chicago Cable Channel 19, on Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons; on ECTV 6 on the Evanston cable system on Tuesday and Thursday evenings; and on select suburban cable systems on Mondays. Check your local listings.


Anonymous said...

No word or endorsement for Pucinski? The most highly qualified bar exam passer to run for any judgeship including Illinois Supreme Court?

Remember for judges it only about name recognition and even that is diminishing for her these days.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thoughts too.

For example, I you had 2 choices for Judge no matter if it's Sub circuit, Circuit, Appellate, or Supreme Court for Illinois.

Let say you had the 2 choices were Phillip Corboy, a successful Trial Lawyer or Bozo the Clown from WGN's Bozo's circus.

The landslide winner and the candidate getting all the big endorsements would be Bozo since he has more name recognition.

All those years as a Trial Lawyer would have such little experience to bring to the bench.

But in the case of Bozo for example, he'd know how to tell if that was a boy, a girl or a mom with the magic arrows in selecting the Grand Prize Game contestants. And he has experience rendering decisions whether or not the ball bounced in bucket number 6 and out and if the contestant gets the bike then.