Sunday, January 08, 2012

Chicago Federation of Labor makes judicial primary endorsements

The Chicago Federation of Labor has issued its endorsements for the forthcoming primary. A complete list of endorsements can be found by clicking the link in this sentence. The CFL made these judicial endorsements:

Appellate Court

Cahill Vacancy - Mathias William Delort
Coleman Vacancy - Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse, Jr.
Gallagher Vacancy - P. Scott Neville, Jr.
O'Brien Vacancy - William Stewart Boyd
Theis Vacancy - Maureen Elizabeth Connors

Circuit Court - Countywide

Conlon Vacancy - Stanley L. Hill, Sr.
Kinnaird Vacancy - Erica L. Reddick
Moran Vacancy - Russell W. Hartigan
O'Brien, Jr. Vacancy - Cynthia Ramirez
Frossard Vacancy - Diann Karen Marsalek
Pucinski Vacancy - Edward J. Maloney
Simmons, Jr. Vacancy - Jessica A. O'Brien
Stewart Vacancy - Steve Demitro
Stralka Vacancy - Michael Tully Mullen
Ward Vacancy - Alfred M. Swanson, Jr.

Cook County Subcircuits

3rd Subcircuit - McGann Vacancy - Maureen Delehanty
3rd Subcircuit - Moore Vacancy - Daniel R. Degnan

4th Subcircuit - Riley Vacancy - William "Gomo" Gomolinski
4th Subcircuit - "A" Vacancy - Edward M. Maloney

6th Subcircuit - Delgado Vacancy - Beatriz Santiago

7th Subcircuit - Jones Vacancy - Aicha Marie MacCarthy
7th Subcircuit - Starks Vacancy - Tommy Brewer
7th Subcircuit - Toney Vacancy - Arthur P. Wheatley

8th Subcircuit - Chiola Vacancy - Celia Louise Gamrath
8th Subcircuit - Cole Vacancy - James L. Kaplan
8th Subcircuit - Durkin Roy Vacancy - Deborah Jean Gubin
8th Subcircuit - "A" Vacancy - Laura Liu

9th Subcircuit - Bender Vacancy - Lionel Jean-Baptiste
9th Subcircuit - Epstein Vacancy - Abbey Fishman Romanek

10th Subcircuit - Locallo Vacancy - Thomas R. Allen

11th Subcircuit - O'Brien Vacancy - Michael R. Clancy
11th Subcircuit - Urso Vacancy - Lisa Ann Marino

12th Subcircuit - Rochford Vacancy - James C. Murray

14th Subcircuit - O'Gara Vacancy - Regina Ann Scannicchio

Thanks to Kulmeet Galhotra for calling these to my attention.

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