Monday, March 16, 2020

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What Cook County judicial race are you interested in?

What follows is a list of the various Cook County judicial vacancies. Each contested vacancy on the list links to a roundup post about that race. Voters can navigate back and forth from this post to any linked contest on their ballot. Each roundup post will be updated as necessary, in some cases multiple times, right on up to St. Patrick's Day. Each linked post collects bar ratings and endorsements that I have been able to verify for every candidate in that race, and there are links that will take you to campaign websites, candidate statements, and questionnaire responses (if any) for each candidate. After you've looked a given race over, a link at the bottom of that post will bring you right back here.

I will keep this post at or near the top of this page in the days leading to the primary.

Please note that scrolling down this page will not necessarily get you to all the Organizing the Data posts. Some will be posted on page two of this site.

Please also note that not every endorsement that a candidate has received will appear on FWIW's roundup posts; I am only including those that I have verified. For more about what endorsements are included, read this post.

So, again, what Cook County judicial race are you interested in?
Supreme Court - Freeman vacancy

Appellate Court - Neville, Jr. vacancy
Appellate Court - Simon vacancy

Countywide - Bellows vacancy
Countywide - Coghlan vacancy
Countywide - Ford vacancy
Countywide - Funderburk vacancy
Countywide - Larsen vacancy
Countywide - Mason vacancy
Countywide - McCarthy vacancy
Countywide - Murphy Gorman vacancy
Countywide - O'Brien vacancy
Countywide - Patti vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide - Roti vacancy
Countywide - C. Sheehan vacancy
Countywide - K. Sheehan vacancy

1st Subcircuit - Brooks vacancy (uncontested)
1st Subcircuit - Crawford vacancy (uncontested)

2nd Subcircuit - "A" vacancy

3rd Subcircuit - Filan vacancy (uncontested)
3rd Subcircuit - Flynn vacancy
3rd Subcircuit - Murphy vacancy

6th Subcircuit - Nega vacancy
6th Subcircuit - Pantle vacancy

7th Subcircuit - Jackson vacancy

8th Subcircuit - Fleming vacancy
8th Subcircuit - Gubin vacancy (uncontested)

9th Subcricuit - Axlerood vacancy
9th Subcircuit - Luckman vacancy

10th Subcircuit - Allen vacancy (uncontested)
10th Subcircuit - McGing vacancy
10th Subcircuit - O'Brien vacancy

12th Subcircuit - Hanlon vacancy (Democratic primary contest only; Republican uncontested)

13th Subcircuit - Kulys Hoffman vacancy (contests in both Democratic and Republican primaries)

14th Subcircuit - Bertucci vacancy
14th Subcircuit - Lacy vacancy

15th Subcircuit - Griffin vacancy


Anonymous said...

So Jack, when will Judge Carolyn Gallagher he making a public apology to Maureen Patricia O’Leary? Because from the looks of the huge billboard on the Dan Ryan and over-sized yard signs along Roosevelt Road and the south side, Ms. O’Leary is putting more effort and resources into this race than Judge Gallagher. Ain’t so easy when you aren’t running against a man of color with a “bad” ballot name, is it your honor.

Jack Leyhane said...

I don't know why Gallagher owes anyone an apology. Whatever her private musings may have been about O'Leary's bona fides, it was Injustice Watch that published them. And read the article: As written, it is not 'Gallagher accuses challenger of being a shill'; rather, it is more that Gallagher agreed with Injustice Watch's preconceived notion.

Both Gallagher and O'Leary are largely self-funding. Gallagher just reported a $1,000 contribution from Patrick Salvi, but almost every other dollar in her campaign fund has come from her own pocket. She's put a little more into her campaign than O'Leary has, and so far she's reported spending a lot more -- but, then, O'Leary's committee was just set up this year and she's not yet filed a D-2.

Anonymous said...

Why does Anonymous assume that O'Leary is putting her own money into the campaign? As Jack suggested, let's wait until she files a D-2 before jumping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Salvi, the Republican? Gallagher takes money from Republicans. "Independent Democrat" indeed. See you next cycle, sister. "Gold" is my ballot name and you have no game. My self-funding will make you cry!

Albert said...

Yeoman work sorting through a ton of information. Well done, as usual.