Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Judicial candidates invited to March 8 "Town Hall Meeting," contribute to charity

Spotted on, and lifted from, Facebook. I've added the links:
To All Candidates for Judge of Cook County, IL:

The Chicago Citizen Newspaper is hosting a “Town Hall Meeting” for candidates running for judge in Cook County, IL. The forum will be held on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. at the QBG Foundation building (806 E. 78th St., Chicago IL 60619). This event will be open to the public.

As you know, successful candidates will be in position to make life altering decisions for many families in our community. Just as we are encouraging the public to attend, we also want you, the candidate, to take part in this important event.

The Chicago Citizen Newspaper is running a co-op ad for the candidates who participate in the forum. Each candidate’s name, photo and race in which they are running will appear in the ad.

The ad will run in both the Feb. 26th and Mar. 5th editions of the Chicago Citizen Newspaper, a weekly publication. If space allows, a follow up story about the event (with photos featuring all participating judges) will run on Mar. 12.

The cost for candidates to be included in the co-op ad is $250. All proceeds from the ad will go towards the QBG Foundation scholarship fund.

The QBG Foundation is the non-profit/benevolent arm of the Chicago Citizen Newspaper and provides scholarships to disenfranchised, college-bound youth of the Chicagoland area and particularly focuses on youth who may be at risk or prone to violence. To date, the foundation has helped over 50 students and has disbursed over $1.5 million in scholarship awards.

To participate and register for the forum, and to be included in the co-op ad, please contact Larissa M. Tyler at 773-783-1251 or email to lmtyler@qbgfoundation.org by Feb. 24*.

*(It is highly recommended that you register and submit materials for the co-op ad prior to Feb. 24.)

We look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Larissa M. Tyler
Managing Editor, Chicago Citizen Newspaper
Executive Director, QBG Foundation
806 E. 78th Street
Chicago IL 60619
773-783-1301 (fax)
I admit to being previously unfamiliar with both the Chicago Citizen Newspaper and the QBG Foundation, but if someone wants to provide a platform for judicial candidates, I want to tell FWIW readers about it. And longtime FWIW readers may recognize a phrase in the Foundation's promotional materials for its March 8 event:

In quickly nosing around the Internet this morning in an effort to learn more about these entities I learned that the QBG Foundation was founded by William Garth, Sr., the CEO and Publisher of the Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group, in memory of Mr. Garth's youngest son, Quentis Bernard Garth, a victim of street violence. The QBG Foundation describes its mission as providing "scholarships to disenfranchised, college-bound youths of the Chicagoland area, and particularly focuses on youth who may be at risk or prone to violence." More information about the QBG Foundation can be obtained, according to the QBG website, by emailing info@qbgfoundation.org.

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