Monday, February 10, 2014

Chicago Police Sergeants' Association makes endorsements in some judicial races

The Chicago Police Sergeants' Association has announced its endorsements in judicial races for the upcoming primary on its website.

"It's a short list," CPSA President James Ade confirmed to FWIW in an email today, "as the committee only considered those who sought the Association's endorsement."

Here is the CPSA list (CPSA explanatory notes in parentheses):

Countywide Races

Bridget Anne Mitchell - Arnold vacancy
Maritza Martinez - Burke vacancy
Kristal Rivers - Connors vacancy
William B. Raines (former Oakland, CA police officer) - Neville vacancy
James Patrick Crawley - Veal vacancy

Subcircuit Races

3rd Subcircuit (Donnelley vacancy)
Terrence J. McGuire (Grandson of Chicago Police Sergeant (Deceased))
Lauren Brougham Glennon (Daughter of Chicago Police Sergeant (Deceased))

4th Subcircuit (Billik vacancy)
John J. Mahoney

7th Subcircuit (Hardy-Campbell vacancy)
Robert D. Kuzas

10th Subcircuit ("A" vacancy)
Katherine A. O'Dell

15th Subcircuit (Sterba vacancy)
Michael B. Barrett

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