Wednesday, February 19, 2014

IVI-IPO makes endorsements in some judicial races

The Independent Voters of Illinois - Independent Precinct Organization released its endorsements in judicial races for the March primary at a press conference on February 17.

The organization did not make an endorsement in every judicial race.  However, the candidates receiving the IVI-IPO nod were the following:

Appellate Court (Steele vacancy)
John Simon

Appellate Court (Gordon vacancy)
Freddrenna Lyle

Countywide Circuit Court Vacancies
Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. (Arnold vacancy)
Kristal Rivers (Connors vacancy)
Cynthia Y. Cobbs (McDonald vacancy)
Mary Alice Melchor (Neville vacancy)
Diana Rosario (Reyes vacancy)
Andrea Michele Buford (Veal vacancy)

Subcircuit Circuit Court Vacancies
John J. Mahoney (4th Subcircuit, Billik vacancy)
Judy Rice (7th Subcircuit, Taylor vacancy)
Michael Alan Strom (9th Subcircuit, Preston vacancy)
Joanne Rosado (11th Subcircuit, "A" vacancy)
James L. Kaplan (12th Subcircuit, Jordan vacancy)
Diana Embil (15th Subcircuit, Doody vacancy)

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