Friday, March 02, 2012

Judicial endorsements from the Italian American Political Coalition

The Italian American Political Coalition has published its judicial endorsements on its website.

In the Supreme Court race, the IAPC offers both Aurelia Pucinski and Mary Jane Theis as choices.

Jesse Reyes (O'Brien vacancy) was the only Appellate Court candidate endorsed by the organization.

In contested countywide races for the Circuit Court, the IAPC bestowed its endorsement on Diann Karen Marsalek (O'Mara Frossard vacancy), Edward J. Maloney (Pucinski vacancy), and Michael Forti (Simmons, Jr. vacancy).

Edward M. Maloney (4th Subcircuit - "A" vacancy) and Judge Daniel Lawrence Peters (4th Subcircuit - Riley vacancy) received endorsements from the IAPC, as did Mark Battaglia (7th Subcircuit - Toney vacancy) and Roxanne L. Rochester (7th Subcircuit - Starks vacancy).

The IAPC endorsed Celia Gamrath in the race for the Chiola vacancy in the 8th Subcircuit and also Roger Zamparo (11th Subcircuit - O'Brien vacancy) and Lisa Ann Marino (11th Subcircuit - Urso vacancy).

Two unopposed Cook County judicial candidates also received endorsements from the IAPC, Judge Russell Hartigan (countywide Moran vacancy) and James Paul Pieczonka (unopposed Republican candidate for the Rochford vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit.)

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