Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early, early election results

Just over a quarter of the City vote is in on the Supreme Court race, and Justice Theis is running very strong in her bid to hold onto her seat on the Illinois Supreme Court:

Mary Jane Theis26,44645.39 %
Aurelia Marie Pucinski13,92623.90 %
Joy Virginia Cunningham13,32322.87 %
Thomas W. Flannigan4,5707.84 %

In the race for the Cahill vacancy on the Illinois Appellate Court:

Pamela E. Hill-Veal12,39423.32 %
Mathias William Delort11,68521.99 %
Kay Marie Hanlon4,4418.36 %
Mary Brigid Hayes8,41115.83 %
James Michael McGing6,11011.50 %
Laura Marie Sullivan10,09819.00 %

In the Appellate Court Gallagher race:

Patrick J. Sherlock12,13023.33 %
P. Scott Neville, Jr.22,86343.97 %
Marguerite Anne Quinn17,00932.71 %

And in the race for the O'Brien vacancy, Judge Jesse G. Reyes is off to an early lead:

Jesse G. Reyes18,32234.68 %
Rodolfo (Rudy) Garcia6,76512.81 %
William Stewart Boyd13,44625.45 %
Ellen L. Flannigan11,37921.54 %
Don R. Sampen2,9155.52 %

More as the evening develops.

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