Monday, March 12, 2012

Jewish Chicago makes judicial endorsements

Avy Meyers, the host and moderator of the North Town News Magazine program, is also editor of Jewish Chicago. It is in this latter capacity that Meyers has made endorsements in several Cook County judicial races.

For the March 20 primary, Jewish Chicago has made the following endorsements:

Illinois Supreme Court
Aurelia Pucinski

Illinois Appellate Court
O'Brien Vacancy - Jesse G. Reyes

Cook County Circuit Court (Countywide)
Conlon Vacancy - Karen Lynn O'Malley
Kinnaird Vacancy - Erica L. Reddick
O'Mara Frossard Vacancy - Diann Karen Marsalek
Pucinski Vacancy - Edward J. Maloney
Simmons, Jr. Vacancy - Michael A. Forti
Stewart Vacancy - Deidre Baumann
Ward Vacancy - Peter J. Vilkelis

Cook County Circuit Court (Subcircuit)
6th Subcircuit (Delgado Vacancy) - Mark V. Ferrante

8th Subcircuit (Chiola Vacancy) - James Shapiro
8th Subcircuit (Cole Vacancy) - James L. Kaplan
8th Subcircuit (Durkin Roy Vacancy) - Deborah Jean Gubin

9th Subcircuit (Bender Vacancy) - Michael Ian Bender
9th Subcircuit (Epstein Vacancy) - Larry G. Axelrood

12th Subcircuit (Rochford Vacancy) - Andrea M. Schleifer

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