Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Delort apparent victor in race for Cahill vacancy

This race was awfully close when I last looked at it yesterday evening.

In the morning light, however, Associate Judge Mathias William Delort appears to have bested Circuit Court Judge Pamela E. Hill-Veal, 89,553 votes to 81,777. (These are the combined totals from the County Clerk website, showing all votes counted, and the City's unofficial summary, with only 22 precincts -- out of 2,369 -- still open.)

Judge Laura Marie Sullivan appears to have finished third with 64,111 votes; Mary Brigid Hayes appears to have finished fourth with 56,852 votes. Also in the race were Judges James Michael McGing and Kay Marie Hanlon.

Delort's margin of victory came in the suburbs, where he out-polled Judge Hill-Veal by 16,000 votes.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God Pamela Hill Veal did not win. She is not just unqualified for the position, she is not qualified for any position.