Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gallagher, Maloney win in 4th Subcircuit races

Terry Gallagher beat two judges to win the Democratic nomination for the Riley vacancy in the 4th Subcircuit. With all but one (248 of 249) precinct counted, Gallagher has 5,635 votes, ahead of Judge Daniel Lawrence Peters (3,719 votes) and Associate Judge William "Gomo" Gomolinski (3,827 votes). Joanne Marie Rogers appears to have finished second in this race with 4,257 votes.

Judge Peters was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to the 'A' vacancy in the 4th Subcircuit but filed for this vacancy instead.

In the race for the 'A' vacancy, Edward M. Maloney won the Democratic nomination with 6,761 votes. Karin Elizabeth Swanson finished second with 5,304 votes.

Gallagher will face Republican Harry J. Fournier in November; Maloney will face Republican Christine Cook.

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