Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So many new judicial candidate interviews on TV

I realize it is fashionable in the present day and age to insist that no one knows any Cook County judicial candidates. "There are too many," the complaint goes.

But, in the course of doing this blog, I've been introduced to a number of folks who are doing their best to help candidates get their message out to Cook County voters. I've put up dozens of interviews done by Avy Meyers on his North Town News Magazine program. I recently posted some interviews courtesy of CAN-TV producer Tony Joyce. Today I had occasion to speak with another producer, Keith McDonald. He, too, is producing judicial interviews for cable access... and now on FWIW as well.

Some candidates are getting multiple interviews. I recently posted Edward J. Maloney's NTNM interview with Avy Meyers; tonight I posted Maloney's interview with Kathy Hayes. (That interview is now on page two.)

Because there are so many in the pipeline, I'm going to start splitting video interviews between page one (this page) and page 2. Stay tuned.

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