Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early voters: If you can't wait for all the data

I will try and keep this post, or something similar, near the top of this page until the Organizing the Data pages are done.

I'll try to get Organizing the Data posts started in a few days but, unless this election is different from every other that's ever been held, there will be additions to those posts right up until March 20.

But if you're bound and determined to vote early, there are already a lot of resources concerning the qualifications of Cook County judicial candidates already available for your consideration.

On this blog, to find information about the CBA's judicial candidate ratings, start at this post. For information about the ratings issued by the Chicago Council of Lawyers, click here. Want to see the Alliance grids? Click on the links in this sentence for the Supreme Court race, the Appellate Court races, the countywide races, and the subcircuit races.

You early voters do know what subcircuit you're in, right?

If not, you can see sample ballots by entering at this page of the Cook County Clerk's website or (if you're a Chicago resident) this page on the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners site.

For early voting sites in Chicago, click here. For early voting sites in suburban Cook County, click here.

Ed Austin, the Chair of the CBA's Judicial Evaluation Committee, asked me to point out that CBA's findings can be accessed by smartphone at Then, just last night, Avy Meyers wrote to tell me that Jewish Chicago is available online -- and will begin appearing on the streets today.

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