Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brad Trowbridge interviewed on NTNM

Brad Trowbridge, a candidate for the Cole vacancy in the 8th Subcircuit, was recently interviewed on Avy Meyers' North Town News Magazine. With Mr. Meyers' permission, the interview is posted below.

NTNM airs on CAN TV, Chicago Cable Channel 19, on Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons; on ECTV 6 on the Evanston cable system on Tuesday and Thursday evenings; and on select suburban cable systems on Mondays. Check your local listings.

NB: In many of the NTNM interviews I'll be putting up in the immediate future, Mr. Meyers touts the availability of his publication, Jewish Chicago, on line and in various locations throughout the area. However, these interviews are taped in advance of their actual air dates. Mr. Meyers advises that Jewish Chicago will be available on line on or about February 23 and will begin turning up in print between February 27 and March 1.

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