Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ICJL begins posting responses to questionnaires

Judicial candidates have begun responding to candidate questionnaires propounded by the Illinois Civil Justice League. And, advises the ICJL's Allen Adomite in an email this evening, the ICJL has begun posting these responses at IllinoisJudges.net.

Posted so far are responses from one Appellate Court candidate, Don R. Sampen (O'Brien vacancy), and from three candidates in contested Cook County Circuit Court races, Diann Karen Marsalek (countywide Frossard vacancy), Joan Marie Kubalanza (countywide Ward vacancy), and Celia Louise Gamrath (8th Subcircuit, Chiola vacancy).

Two candidates in uncontested races also responded to the ICJL Questionnaire, Judge Russel W. Hartigan (countywide Moran vacancy) and Michael Tully Mullen (countywide Stralka vacancy). I want to make it abundantly clear that I think it a good thing that candidates in uncontested races take the time and make the effort to respond to questionnaires like the ICJL's even when they are spared the unhappy necessity of trolling for endorsements and votes. It shows respect for the process and for the voters. However, I have written separately to address one response to the ICJL Questionnaire that Judge Hartigan provided. (The link in the preceding sentence takes you to page two of this blog.)

In his email this evening Mr. Adomite advises that the deadline for judicial candidates to respond to the ICJL Questionnaire is tomorrow, February 15. Lawyers being lawyers, the imminence of that deadline should be prompting a number of candidates to begin looking at the ICJL Questionnaire right about... now.

I'll try and post separate links to as many of the Cook County judicial candidates' responses to the ICJL Questionnaire as time permits, but visit IllinoisJudges.net for the most up-to-date list of candidate responses (and links to downstate candidate responses as well).

Related: Judicial candidate responses to the questionnaire propounded by the Chicago Tribune may be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Paul Stralka:

Will you ever forget how Aurelia Pucinski stuck it to Ed Burke back in the early 90’s?

She gets Burke to slate Paul Stralka for a countywide Democratic Judgeship. Then the next week she punches out of the Democratic Party to become a Republican and loose against Stroger for a second time..Real brains