Friday, February 24, 2012

CBA evaluations in the race for the McGann vacancy in the 3rd Subcircuit

The Chicago Bar Association has released its evaluations of candidates running for the McGann vacancy in the 3rd Subcircuit. Candidates are listed in ballot order. Both of the following are candidates in the Democratic primary; no Republican filed for this Circuit Court vacancy.

Maureen Leahy Delahanty -- Qualified
Judge Maureen Delehanty is “Qualified” to serve as a Recalled Judge of the Circuit Court. Judge Delehanty was admitted to practice law in Illinois in 1992 and was appointed a Circuit Court Judge in 2009. Judge Delehanty is dedicated to her assignment and receives high marks from attorneys who appear in her court.
Scott Edward Lipinski -- Not Recommended
Scott Edward Lipinski is “Not Recommended” for the office of Circuit Court Judge. Mr. Lipinski was admitted to practice law in Illinois in 2002. Since 2003, he has been employed with the Cook County Public Defender’s Office handling misdemeanor and felony criminal matters. He is known as a passionate advocate, but needs more experience as an attorney to earn a qualified rating.

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