Friday, February 24, 2012

Chicago Bar Association releases judicial candidate evaluations

The Chicago Bar Association has released its evaluations of all judicial candidates running in the March primary. (The CBA's full report is available on the CBA website (PDF document).

The CBA rates candidates "highly qualified," "qualified," or "not recommended." Any candidate who refuses to participate in the screening process is automatically "not recommended." In evaluating the 105 Circuit Court candidates, for example, the CBA deemed 36 "not recommended," 15 of these because they refused to participate. Of the 90 candidates evaluated by the CBA, 14 were found "highly qualified" and 55 more were found "qualified."

So, what race are you interested in?
Supreme Court vacancy;

Appellate Court - Cahill vacancy;
Appellate Court - Coleman vacancy;
Appellate Court - Gallagher vacancy;
Appellate Court - O'Brien vacancy;
Appellate Court - Theis vacancy;
Appellate Court - Tully vacancy;

Countywide - Conlon vacancy;
Countywide - Jordan vacancy;
Countywide - Kinnaird vacancy;
Countywide - Moran vacancy;
Countywide - O'Brien, Jr. vacancy;
Countywide - O'Mara Frossard vacancy;
Countywide - Pucinski vacancy;
Countywide - Simmons, Jr. vacancy;
Countywide - Stewart vacancy;
Countywide - Stralka vacancy;
Countywide - Ward vacancy;

2nd Subcircuit -- Stuttley vacancy;
3rd Subcircuit -- McGann vacancy;
3rd Subcircuit -- Moore vacancy;
4th Subcircuit -- Riley vacancy;
4th Subcircuit -- "A" vacancy;
6th Subcircuit -- Delgado vacancy;
7th Subcircuit -- Jones vacancy;
7th Subcircuit -- Starks vacancy;
7th Subcircuit -- Terrell vacany;
7th Subcircuit -- Toney vacancy;
8th Subcircuit -- Chiola vacancy;
8th Subcircuit -- Cole vacancy;
8th Subcircuit -- Durkin Roy vacany;
8th Subcircuit -- "A" vacancy;
9th Subcircuit -- Bender vacancy;
9th Subcircuit -- Epstein vacancy;
10th Subcircuit -- Locallo vacancy;
11th Subcircuit -- O'Brien vacancy;
11th Subcircuit -- Urso vacancy;
12th Subcircuit -- Rochford vacancy;
13th Subcircuit -- Pietrucha vacancy;
13th Subcircuit - "A" vacancy;
14th Subcircuit - O'Gara vacancy.
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Want to compare the CBA ratings with those issued by the Chicago Council of Lawyers? Click here.

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