Saturday, February 18, 2012

CCL evaluations in the race for the countywide Pucinski vacancy

The Chicago Council of Lawyers has released its evaluations of candidates running for the Pucinski vacancy. Candidates are listed in ballot order. All of the following are candidates in the Democratic primary; no Republican filed for this (or any other) countywide Circuit Court vacancy.

Edward J. Maloney -- Qualified
Edward James Maloney was admitted to practice in 1989. He is a career Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney where he has prosecuted misdemeanors and felony criminal cases, and has recently begun representing Cook County in civil litigation. He reports acting as lead counsel in 40 criminal jury trials, 500 criminal bench trials, and one civil bench trial. Mr. Maloney is considered to have good legal ability and is praised for his temperament. He has had experience with both simple and complex criminal matters and respondents noted that he has successfully made the transition to civil litigation. The Council finds him Qualified for the Circuit Court.
Lorna Ellen Propes -- Well Qualified
Judge Lorna Propes was appointed to the Circuit Court in 2010. She was admitted to practice in 1975. Before becoming a judge, she was a partner in the firm of Propes & Kaveny LLC. She served as an Assistant Cook County State's Attorney between 1975 and 1980. She has been in private practice since 1980, concentrating on medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury litigation. Judge Propes was considered to be an excellent trial attorney with substantial experience in more complex litigation matters. She brings to the bench a knowledge of both civil and criminal law. She has a good temperament and has been active in community service activities. The Council finds her Well Qualified for the Circuit Court.
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