Thursday, February 23, 2012

Candidate says not involved with joint fundraiser

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. called me this morning to advise that, contrary to what I reported here on February 19, he is not a participant in the "Road to Victory" joint fundraiser sponsored by the Committee to Elect Illinois Democratic Candidates (CEIDC) and scheduled for March 16.

Judge Swanson is a candidate for the countywide Ward vacancy, the seat he now holds pursuant to Supreme Court appointment. Swanson told me that he and his campaign had not authorized the CEIDC to use his name in the fundraising venture, which gives ticket buyers the opportunity to select particular candidates to support and promises those candidates a proportionate share of the event proceeds. Swanson said he'd asked the Committee to remove his name.

As of this morning, the Road to Victory evite is no longer offering tickets supporting Judge Swanson's campaign, but his name remains on the evite, at least for now, as one scrolls down the page.

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