Thursday, February 09, 2012

All sorts of new campaign websites found

Browsing the Tribune questionnaire website revealed a number of judicial candidate websites not previously linked.

But they're linked now (the candidate's name links to the candidate's web site; all links have been added to the appropriate blog sidebar as well):

Maureen Leahy Delahanty is a candidate for the McGann vacancy in the 3rd Judicial Subcircuit.

John H. Ehrlich is a candidate for the Cole vacancy in the 8th Judicial Subcircuit.

Daniel P. Scott is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Rochford vacancy in the 12th Judicial Subcircuit.

Paul S. Pavlus is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Pietrucha vacancy in the 13th Judicial Subcircuit.

Judge James Michael McGing is a candidate for the Cahill vacancy on the Illinois Appellate Court.

I realize that I've probably missed some campaign websites, but I'm hopeful that readers will point out my omissions.

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