Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Update on the race for the Murphy vacancy

Here are the suburban numbers in the Ryan/Lingo race:

DEM - Circuit Court Judge Full Circuit (Murphy)
Precincts Counted: 2,249 of 2,290 (98.21%)
Kristyna Colleen Ryan132,50142.64%
Paula M. Lingo108,74335.00%
Frank James Ryan69,46722.36%

These City numbers were last updated at 11:31 a.m. today:

DEM - Judge of the Circuit Court (Vacancy of Murphy)
2535 out of 2579 precincts (98.29 %)

Kristyna Colleen Ryan160,11936.69 %
Paula M. Lingo182,22541.76 %
Frank James Ryan94,03521.55 %

That adds up as follows:

Kristyna Colleen Ryan -- 292,620

Paula M. Lingo -- 290,968

That puts Ms. Ryan 1,652 votes ahead on these unofficial numbers.

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