Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kenworthy leading Mulroe for Morrissey vacancy in 10th Subcircuit

City results as of 9:33 p.m.:

DEM - Judge, 10th Subcircuit (Vacancy of Morrissey)
213 out of 244 precincts (87.30 %)

Diana L. Kenworthy15,18041.54 %
John G. Mulroe14,01838.36 %
Rosaire Marie Hall7,34320.10 %

Suburban results:

DEM - Cook Circuit Court Judge 10th Sub (Morrissey)
Precincts Counted: 67 of 84 (79.76%)
Diana L. Kenworthy2,65738.44%
John G. Mulroe2,73239.53%
Rosaire Marie Hall1,52322.03%

This gives 17,837 total votes for Kenworthy, 16,750 for Mulroe. But these numbers are unofficial.

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