Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Burke leads for Disko vacancy

This was the contest between two sitting, appointed judges. Judge Wolfson was slated by the Democratic Party and this was the vacancy to which she'd been appointed. These are City numbers as of 9:54 p.m.:

DEM - Judge of the Circuit Court (Vacancy of Disko)
2229 out of 2579 precincts (86.43 %)

Lauretta Higgins Wolfson193,88948.18 %
Dennis J. Burke208,54951.82 %

Suburban numbers:

DEM - Circuit Court Judge Full Circuit (Disko)
Precincts Counted: 1,898 of 2,290 (82.88%)
Lauretta Higgins Wolfson124,70946.89%
Dennis J. Burke141,25453.11%

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