Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kristyna Colleen Ryan takes lead over Paula Lingo for Murphy vacancy

It may have been "Paczki Day" in Chicago today, not the Feast of St. Patrick, but it was still a great day to be Irish if you were running for judge.

And/or female.


The race for the Murphy vacancy provides another illustration of this point (scroll down for more). Here are the City numbers in the race for the Murphy vacancy:

DEM - Judge of the Circuit Court (Vacancy of Murphy)
2334 out of 2579 precincts (90.50 %)

Kristyna Colleen Ryan145,32936.75 %
Paula M. Lingo165,12141.76 %
Frank James Ryan84,96721.49 %

The County numbers give Ryan a similar lead:

DEM - Circuit Court Judge Full Circuit (Murphy)
Precincts Counted: 2,063 of 2,290 (90.09%)
Kristyna Colleen Ryan120,17642.62%
Paula M. Lingo99,22835.19%
Frank James Ryan62,58222.19%

These numbers give Ryan an 1,156 vote lead over Lingo.

Paula M. Lingo was the slated candidate of the Democratic Party, endorsed by the newspapers, by the FOP, by the Firefighters, by the Chicago Federation of Labor, rated qualified or recommended by the bar associations -- but she holds only a 10,000 vote lead at this juncture over Kristyna Colleen Ryan, who did not submit her credentials to any bar association.

Bumped up upon update.


Anonymous said...

I think you may want to check your math. Those numbers give Ryan a 430-vote lead.

Jack Leyhane said...

Anon -- you were correct. And the numbers have gotten bigger. (And I checked my work this time.)

Anonymous said...

Wait... The more recent data on your site shows Lingo with about a 20000 vote lead with 90.5% reporting versus the 90.09% reporting. What is the real number here so far?