Friday, January 22, 2016

Mary Alice Melchor withdraws from 5th Subcircuit race

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, Mary Alice Melchor has withdrawn from the race for the Eadie-Daniels vacancy in the 5th Subcircuit.

What once appeared destined to be one of the most-crowded fields on the ballot is now down to a one-on-one contest between criminal defense practitioner Jameika Mangum and Associate Judge Leonard Murray.


Anonymous said...

Only Murray has the qualifications. Sorry young lawyer but you need to wait.

Anonymous said...

What about DaryL jONES? hE'S STILL ACTIVE IN 5

Jack Leyhane said...

Mr. Jones is a candidate for the Williams vacancy in the 5th Subcircuit. He has one remaining opponent in that race, Judge Robin D. Shoffner.