Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chicago Federation of Labor makes endorsements in Cook County Judicial races

The Chicago Federation of Labor has announced its endorsements for the 2016 Democratic Primary.

Well, actually, the CFL has announced all of its local endorsements, and you can find these by clicking here and following the links from there. But here is the list of the CFL's Cook County judicial endorsements:

Appellate Court
Eileen O’Neill Burke -- 1st District Epstein Vacancy
Bertina E. Lampkin -- 1st District Quinn Vacancy

Circuit Court (Countywide)
Rossana Patricia Fernandez -- Elrod Vacancy
Alison C. Conlon -- Hogan Vacancy
Alexksandra Gillespie -- Howlett, Jr. Vacancy
Carolyn J. Gallagher -- Johnson Vacancy
Mary Kathleen McHugh -- Karnezis Vacancy
Brendan A. O’Brien -- Love Vacancy
Maureen O’Donoghue Hannon -- O’Brien Vacancy
Pat Heneghan -- Palmer Vacancy
Daniel Patrick Duffy -- Ruscitti‐Grussel Vacancy
Fredrick H. Bates -- Walsh Vacancy

Circuit Court (Subcircuit vacancies)
Maryam Ahmad -- 1st Subcircuit Brim Vacancy
Anthony E. Simpkins -- 1st Subcircuit Hopkins Vacancy

Celeste K. Jones -- 2nd Subcircuit Savage Vacancy

Robin Shoffner -- 5th Subcircuit Williams Vacancy

Eulalia “Evie” DeLaRosa -- 6th Subcircuit Ponce De Leon Vacancy
Richard C. Cooke -- 6th Subcircuit Santiago Vacancy
Carlos Claudio -- 6th Subcircuit A Vacancy

Jennifer Ballard -- 7th Subcircuit Rivkin‐Carothers Vacancy

Jerry Esrig -- 9th Subcircuit Berman Vacancy

Eve Marie Reilly -- 10th Subcircuit Howard Vacancy

Marc Martin -- 11th Subcircuit Kelly Vacancy
William B. Sullivan -- 11th Subcircuit Zwick Vacancy

Frank J. Andreou -- 12th Subcircuit Kazmierski, Jr. Vacancy
Janet Cronin Mahoney -- 12th Subcircuit Mathein Vacancy
Carrie Hamilton -- 12th Subcircuit Tristano Vacancy
James Edward Hanlon, Jr. -- 12th Subcircuit A Vacancy

Ketki “Kay” Steffen -- 13th Subcircuit Fecarotta, Jr. Vacancy

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