Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lugo withdraws; De La Rosa now unopposed for 6th Subcircuit Ponce de Leon vacancy

Eulalia "Evie" De La Rosa
Ricardo Lugo withdrew from the race for the Ponce de Leon vacancy in the 6th Judicial Subcircuit on Friday, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Lugo's withdrawal from the race leaves Assistant Public Defender Eulalia "Evie" De La Rosa, the Immediate Past President of the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois, as the sole remaining candidate for this vacancy. (And, yes, that's a link to De La Rosa's new campaign website in the preceding sentence; a link has been added to the blog Sidebar.)

My thanks to the several readers who emailed or left comments advising of this development.


Anonymous said...

And THAT'S how we roll in the 6th. As always, E.P.

Anonymous said...

EP, I hope you did not sign a confidentiality agreement. You promised us stories of intrigue with starlets, gigolos and alleged felonious conduct.

Now spill the frijoles.

Anonymous said...

A schism has existed in the 6th subcircuit since the 2012 judicial elections; but today, Disney World is replaced as the “Happiest Place on Earth” by the 6th subcircuit. The story behind the story: Papa Joe Berrios, desperately needs to reverse his recent luck with getting his candidates elected, but yet again, is in too many races with too few resources. He turns to no other than 6th subcircuit candidate, Richard Cooke, to bring his long-time pal, Ricardo Lugo, to the Chairman’s table and convince him to cut a deal and bow out; which is exactly what Cooke does. Well done, Mr. Cooke, the Chairman owes you.

DeLa Rosa is a beneficiary of this deal but the big winners are the Berrios Candidates: 2nd District State Senate Candidate, Omar Aquino; 1st Ward Committeeman Candidate, Maria Gonzalez; and of course, Ricardo Lugo, who will most certainly be made a judge in 2018, if not sooner.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 11:07 AM

I know something about you. You're not Puerto Rican. We don't call beans "frijoles", we call them "habichuelas".

Damn, now you know something about me. I'm Puerto Rican. Ha. Ha. Ha.

And no, I'm not spilling the habichuelas. So no juciy stories. We buried those machetes at 10:46 AM on January, 29, 2016.

As always, E.P.

Anonymous said...

Quick, someone call fellow scribe, Russ Stewart. Tell him that a rich, bored, white guy with nothing better to do but run for judge brings peace to the squabbling Puerto Ricans in and around Humboldt Park. Stewart might want to amend his “Cooke’s Law” theory. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Give that man a Nobel Peace Prize then make room for him on the Appellate Court. That is where all the rich white judges eventually want to go.

Anonymous said...

Usually when a white guy breaks up a group of Puerto Ricans having a turf war in Humboldt Park he is CPD. Who would have thought it would be a future Judge?