Monday, January 11, 2016

Celestia Mays withdraws from 5th Subcircuit race

An sharp-eyed reader alerted me to the fact that 5th Subcircuit candidate Celestia Mays has withdrawn from the race for the Eadie-Daniels vacancy. The withdrawal was posted by the Illinois State Board of Elections Friday.

After Mays' withdrawal, candidates remaining in the race are Jameika Mangum, Associate Judge Leonard Murray, Mary Alice Melchor, H. Yvonne Coleman, and Jo Anne Guillemette.


Anonymous said...

Just when you think that people cannot sink any further, come reports from various board of elections challenges currently underway that a famed "consultant" has been pulling all sorts of dirty shenanigans, going so far as to PAY candidate's paid circulators NOT to respond to notices to appear at the challenges, so as to get those circulators' petitions thrown out.

I really thought I had seen it all. Putting a shill into a judicial race is bad enough in my opinion, and really crosses ethical lines, especially for a prospective member of the judiciary, but for said consultant to intentionally PAY witnesses not to show?? Is that really the way a prospective judicial candidate should run his/her campaign?? What does that say about the morals and ethics of the person so gives the "ok" to such tactics?

When this election cycle is over, it is time for a tell-all about what really happens behind the scenes, and it is time for everyone with knowledge of the culprit consultant's actions to come forward and as a unified voice, her the actions to the authorities.

Enough is enough!!

Anonymous said...

If you write that tell-all, you might want to conduct a very costly poll in the 6th subcircuit first to see what issues your readers are interested in. It should cost no less than $10-$15K. Fortunately, your agent knows someone who does these. Then before you go to print, make sure you go to the right printer, preferably a friend of your agent, otherwise people may pay readers NOT to show up to your book signing.

Stranger things have happened!