Monday, January 18, 2016

Cook County Electoral Board posts decisions on several judicial candidate challenges

The Cook County Electoral Board has begun posting decisions in cases involving challenges to judicial candidates' nominating petitions.

To check on the current status of any judicial candidate challenge, start at this page of Cook County Clerk David Orr's website. Scroll down the "Hearing Date/ Status" column on that page. If a disposition has been reached (e.g., candidate withdrawn, objection withdrawn, objection overruled, or objection sustained) and a the disposition is hyperlinked, clicking on that link will take you to a .pdf copy of the Board's disposition and any attached recommendation from the hearing officer.

To date, objections to the judicial candidates of countywide candidates Maureen O'Donoghue Hannon and William S. Wojcik have been overruled, meaning these candidates will be permitted to stay on the ballot. Challenges against Mable Taylor (7th Subcircuit -- Rivkin-Carothers vacancy), James DiChristofano (11th Subcircuit -- Kelly vacancy) and Kevin Michael O'Donnell (Republican, 13th Subcircuit -- Fecarotta, Jr.) have likewise been overruled. (These links will take you to the decisions themselves.)

The Electoral Board's website indicates that challenges have been sustained as to challenges to the candidacies of 9th Subcircuit candidate Nathan Benjamin Myers and 5th Subcircuit candidate Gwendolyn Dale Anderson (Williams vacancy), but no links to these decisions are yet posted.

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