Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Carroll, Guilemette removed from ballot and other Electoral Board developments

The Cook County Electoral Board has sustained challenges to the countywide nominating petitions of John P. Carroll (Johnson vacancy) and 5th Subcircuit candidate Jo Anne Guillemette (Eadie-Daniels vacancy). In both cases, the candidates were defaulted, according to Cook County Clerk David Orr's website.

With Carroll out of the race for the Johnson vacancy, the field is reduced to six candidates, at least for the time being, namely, Gregory Raymond LaPapa, Sean S. Chaudhuri, Mark A. Lyon, Carolyn J. Gallagher, Cassandra Goodrum-Burton, and Bonnie Carol McGrath. Challenges to the nominating petitions of LaPapa and Lyon have been withdrawn, according to the Clerk's website. Challenges were filed against every candidate in this race except for the Democratic Party's pre-slated candidate, Sean S. Chaudhuri.

With Guillemette's departure, more than half of the candidates who filed for the Eadie-Daniels vacancy are gone. Remaining are Jameika Mangum, Associate Judge Leonard Murray and Mary Alice Melchor. Candidates who have withdrawn from this race are Daryl Jones, Celestia L. Mays, and H. Yvonne Coleman.

I don't believe I've noted Jones' withdrawal from this race previously. More recently, the challenge to Jones' candidacy for the 5th Subcircuit Williams vacancy was withdrawn.

According to the Clerk's website challenges against both candidates for the 6th Subcircuit Ponce De Leon vacancy, Eulalia "Evie" De La Rosa and Ricardo Lugo, have been overruled. Links to the the Board's dispositions in these cases are not available at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I am concerned about FWIW co-blogger, E.P. She has been silent for several weeks now. Could it be that she lost her dance-off in Humboldt Park with the interloper from Thornton? In fact, the interloper has gone silent as well, vanishing into thin air (likely along with her cell phone SIM card) after a candidate's circulators disappeared when they were needed at Board of Elections. Don't these people watch "Making of a Murderer?" *67 doesn't work! Use a "burner" from Walgreen's when you contract out.

Dear E.P. and Interloper, where have you gone? Let us know you are ok. Send a signal of some sort. Sky-write the word "Shill" or "Jibarito" over Chicago. Maybe old Thornton is just having trouble walking after sitting so long at her round table, or maybe she has writers' cramp, or a serious poll sheet paper cut. Who knows!

Tomorrow we start combing every inch of Humboldt Park looking for evidence of a dance-off. Until then, keep your eyes peeled. If I know these two, something is afoot. It is always calmest before the storm.

Anonymous said...

Oh ye of little faith. I haven't gone anywhere.

Just doing all the research necessary for a hell of a judicial race.

Complete with convicted rapists, hollywood starlots, disgraced former governers and all kinds of wild and wooley characters.

We're going to have gigalos, political wannabes, mean fighting drunks, interlopers and ex-cons. (felonies of course, not misdemeanors)

Why some of the convicted felons who will be active in the race on behalf of one of the candidates include a former Chicago police officer who was convicted of official misconduct and one guy who was convicted of vote fraud! But hey, in all fairnes, that second guy was recently pardoned by one of our former governors.

And I thought the republicans were the only ones capable of putting together a well-staffed circus. Ha! Wait until you see what's coming.

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted you to know that my silence does not equal inactivity. Just dotting my "i"s and crossing my "t"s so that when the barrage begins, our source material is just a click away.

As for the Thornton Township tornado, I'm affraid "the thrill is gone". She packed her bags and danced all the way back home. Too bad. I was looking forward to a nice tango with the tornado.

So until the real fun begins, I'll just say stay tuned my friends.

As always, E.P

Anonymous said...

E.P. phone home!