Saturday, January 16, 2016

Illinois Supreme Court appoints Elizabeth A. Karkula to the Circuit Court

In an order entered yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court appointed Elizabeth A. Karkula to the countywide vacancy created by the recent passing of Judge Jean Prendergast Rooney.

The appointment is effective January 19 and will terminate on December 3, 2018.

Karkula did apply for Associate Judge in the current (still pending) class. At the time of her appointment, according to her LinkedIn profile, Karkula has provided "representation in complex and delicate anti-trust and securities cases, bolstered professional confidence for the firms and organizations I have represented, and provided integral process improvement increasing accuracy and efficiency across the board."


Anonymous said...

Any relation to Judge Paul Karkula? Given the name change since her 1987 licensure, I presume she is married to someone named Karkula. No aspersions here, just curiosity - she should be evaluated on her own merits. The Supremes appointed her, and I am unfamiliar with her work, so I will presume her qualifications are meritorious.

Anonymous said...

This one is not hard to figure out. I believe Liz Karkula practiced at the distinguished law firm of Edward Vrdolyak. I also believe that Mr. Vrdolyak raised considerable campaign contributions for Supreme Court Judge Charles Freeman. But that has nothing to do with her appointment. Absolutely nothing. Shame on me for mentioning it. So, yeah, her qualifications are meritorious.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is married to the judge. Her husband is also a former associate of Vrdolyak.