Sunday, March 13, 2016

Start here for the most complete information about every Cook County judicial contest

Here is where FWIW attempts to organize all the data -- links to the websites, questionnaire responses, video appearances, all the evaluations, all the endorsements I can independently verify -- all so you, the voter, can make the most informed choices possible when you vote for judges in Cook County.

What follows is a list of the various Cook County judicial contests. Each vacancy on the list is a link to a roundup post about that race. Voters can navigate back and forth from this post to any linked contest on their ballot in which they may be interested. Each linked post has links that will take you to campaign websites, video interviews, candidate statements or other roundups that may be of interest. A link at the bottom of each post will bring you right back here.

Fair warning to persons visiting on their phones: Although I've done what I can to make this site 'mobile-friendly,' it may be easier to navigate from this post on a laptop or a desktop computer. If you're on the train, then, bookmark this site and try it at home.

Please note: Scrolling down the page will not get you to all the Organizing the Data posts. Some are posted on page two of this blog.

What Cook County judicial race are you interested in?
Appellate Court - Epstein vacancy (uncontested)
Appellate Court - Quinn vacancy (uncontested)

Countywide - Biebel, Jr. vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide - Elrod vacancy
Countywide - Hogan vacancy
Countywide - Howlett, Jr. vacancy
Countywide - Johnson vacancy
Countywide - Karnezis vacancy
Countywide - Love vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide - O'Brien vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide - Palmer vacancy
Countywide - Ruscitti Grussel vacancy
Countywide - Walsh vacancy

1st Subcircuit - Brim vacancy

1st Subcircuit - Hopkins vacancy

2nd Subcircuit - Savage vacancy

4th Subcircuit - Kunkle vacancy (uncontested)

5th Subcircuit - Eadie-Daniels vacancy
5th Subcircuit - Stuart vacancy (uncontested)
5th Subcircuit - Williams vacancy

6th Subcircuit - Ponce de Leon vacancy (uncontested)
6th Subcircuit - Santiago vacancy (uncontested)
6th Subcircuit - "A" vacancy

7th Subcircuit - Burrell vacancy
7th Subcircuit - Rivkin-Carothers vacancy

9th Subcircuit - Berman vacancy

10th Subcircuit - Howard vacancy

11th Subcircuit - Kelly vacancy
11th Subcircuit - Zwick vacancy (uncontested)

12th Subcircuit - Kazmierski, Jr. vacancy
12th Subcircuit - Mathein vacancy
12th Subcircuit - Tristano vacancy (uncontested)*
12th Subcircuit - "A" vacancy

13th Subcircuit - Fecarotta, Jr. vacancy**

14th Subcircuit - Murphy vacancy

* Judge Carrie Hamilton is the only Democrat in this race; in addition, only one Republican, David Studenroth, filed for this vacancy. Therefore, neither candidate faces a primary contest, but this will be one of the few judicial contests where voters will have a choice in November.

** Judge Ketki "Kay" Steffen faces no opponent in the Democratic Primary, but two candidates, Kevin O'Donnell and Gary W. Seyring are contesting for the Republican nomination for this vacancy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jack, for this one-stop source for judicial candidate information. It is very useful. I was going to vote today, but think I will wait to see which judicial candidate is the subject of the Fox Chicago investigation that is supposed to air the middle of this week.

Anonymous said...

Mr Leyhane,

Greatly Thanks for the work you put into the roundup for judicial races. Valuable resource.