Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Conlon, Gillespie leading, Bates trailing in their respective countywide races

Judge Alison C. Conlon has a sizable lead over Michael I. O'Malley in both the City and suburbs at this point in the vote-counting. In her bid to hold the Hogan vacancy, Conlon has a total of 295,730 votes (with 73% of City precincts and 74% of suburban votes), with 280,671 votes for O'Malley.

Judge Alexsandra "Alex" Gillespie has a significant lead over Thomas Maloney Cushing in the race for the Howlett, Jr. vacancy. With 76% of the City precincts reporting, 65.19% to 34.81%. The suburban margin isn't quite as large, but is similar:

Both Judges Conlon and Gillespie enjoyed the support of the Cook County Democratic Party.

But another appointed judge, also slated by the Democratic Party, has run into some difficulty in his bid for the countywide Walsh vacancy. Judge Fredrick H. Bates trails Patrick Joseph Powers by 6,000 votes in the City, with just over 76% of the City's votes counted. In the suburbs, Powers is doing even better:

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