Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Judge Jerry Esrig holding strong lead in 9th Subcircuit; Judge Marc Martin trailing in the 11th

With a greater than 11,000 vote suburban margin, Judge Jerry Esrig seems to have won his race against Thomas Peter Kougias in the race for the Berman vacancy in the 9th Subcircuit. Esrig also has a 2,500 vote lead over Kougias in the City portion of the 9th Subcircuit.

But another appointed judge, Judge Marc Martin, is trailing Catherine Ann Schneider by almost 700 votes in the race for the Kelly vacancy in the 11th Subcircuit. With just over 95% of the City votes counted and nearly 90% of the suburban votes tallied, Martin has 20,278 votes, while Schneider has 20,976. James DiChristofano was also a candidate for this vacancy.

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