Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Less than 1,000 votes separate Schneider and Martin in tight 11th Subcircuit race

Judge Marc Martin is trailing Catherine Ann Schneider by 917 votes in the race for the 11th Subcircuit Kelly vacancy with just a few precincts still outstanding (one in the suburbs and two in the City). Schneider has 22,758 votes, Martin 21,841. Marin narrowly carried the City portion of the 11th Subcircuit, but Schneider has a roughly 1,900 vote advantage in the suburbs.


Anonymous said...

It's not really tight. Schneider won. Because of the fact Martin was assigned a felony call after less than a year on the bench, I have a feeling he will be appointed again

Anonymous said...

Not the best night to be a slated candidate. The slated candidate lost in 4 out of 8 county-wide contested races including two slated sitting judges (Schoop & Bates). In the 13 contested subcircuit races on the democratic side at least 6 out of 13 slated candidates lost including 4 slated sitting judges (Ahmad, Simpkins, Shoffner, and Martin). It's been a while since we've heard from Prof. Klumpp on this blog but I'm wondering if those statistics regarding first spot, last spot, Irish surname, slated, etc. need updating.