Wednesday, February 24, 2016

John E. Marszalek withdraws from the race for the Ruscitti Grussel vacancy

I've been dutifully posting the candidate ratings posted by the Chicago Bar Association and the Chicago Council of Lawyers over the last several days (still to come: the CCL's ratings of subcircuit candidates) and it was just called to my attention (HT: Steve Levinthal) that, in both my posts on the CBA's countywide ratings and the CCL's countywide listings, I listed four candidates for the Ruscitti Grussel vacancy, while the countywide Alliance grids show only three candidates for that vacancy.

The discrepancy turns out to be easily explained: Candidate John E. Marszalek notified the Illinois State Board of Elections that he was dropping out of the race for the Ruscitti Grussel vacancy last Friday. Joyce Williams, the Alliance Administrator, picked up on the withdrawal and removed Marszalek from the Alliance grids. (She's good.)

Because he withdrew so late in the election cycle, Marszalek's name will appear on at least some -- if not all -- primary ballots. Grace Period early voting began on February 17. Ballots that had to be mailed overseas will also contain his name. Regular early voting, which sounds wrong but I can think of no other way to distinguish it from the limited early voting now ongoing, starts on Monday, February 29.

For what it's worth, Marszalek was rated "Qualified" by both the CBA and CCL.

Update: Updated Alliance grids will be available soon, according to Alliance Administrator Joyce Williams.

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