Monday, February 15, 2016

IVI-IPO announces 2016 judicial primary endorsements

The Independent Voters of Illinois - Independent Precinct Organization has released its list of candidates endorsed for the upcoming March primary.

In judicial races, the IVI-IPO made endorsements in three contested countywide contests, choosing Judge Alison C. Conlon for the Hogan vacancy, Deidre Baumann for the Palmer vacancy, and Judge Fredrick H. Bates for the Walsh vacancy.

In subcircuit judicial contests, the IVI-IPO has endorsed the following candidates:
  • 1st Subcircuit (Brim Vacancy) -- Maryam Ahmad
  • 2nd Subcircuit (Savage Vacancy) -- Travis Richardson
  • 5th Subcircuit (Eadie-Daniels Vacancy) -- Leonard Murray
  • 5th Subcircuit (Williams Vacancy) -- Robin Shoffner
  • 6th Subcircuit (A Vacancy) -- Anna Loftus
  • 6th Subcircuit (De Leon Vacancy) -- Eulalia De La Rosa
  • 7th Subcircuit (Rivkin-Carothers Vacancy) -- Rosa Silva
The IVI-IPO also endorsed Kim Foxx for State's Attorney and Dorothy A. Brown for another term as Clerk of the Circuit Court.

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