Monday, February 29, 2016

Jewish Chicago announces judicial endorsements

Jewish Chicago has hit the streets (and the Internet -- the link will take you to the site). In contested Cook County judicial races, Jewish Chicago has made the following endorsements:

Countywide races
Rossana Patricia Fernandez - Elrod vacancy
Alison C. Conlon - Hogan vacancy
Aleksandra "Alex" Gillespie - Howlett, Jr. vacancy
Carolyn J. Gallagher - Johnson vacancy
Mary Kathleen McHugh - Karzenis vacancy
Pat Heneghan - Palmer vacancy
William S. Wojcik - Ruscitti Grussel vacancy
Fredrick H. Bates - Walsh vacancy
Subcircuit races
Anna Loftus - 6th Subcircuit, "A" vacancy

Jerry Esrig - 9th Subcircuit, Berman vacancy

Eve Marie Reilly - 10th Subcircuit, Howard vacancy

Marguerite Anne Quinn - 12th Subcircuit, Kazmierski, Jr. vacancy
Janet Cronin Mahoney - 12th Subcircuit, Mathein vacancy
James Edward Hanlon, Jr. - 12th Subcircuit, "A" vacancy (Democrat)
Steven A. Kozicki - 12th Subcircuit, "A" vacancy (Republican)

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