Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chicago FOP announces March primary endorsements

The Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7, has announced its endorsements for the upcoming primary. (Click here for a complete list of candidates endorsed by the Chicago FOP.)

In contested Cook County judicial races, the FOP has made these endorsements:
Countywide Vacancies

Rossana Patricia Fernandez - Elrod vacancy
Michael I. O'Malley - Hogan vacancy
Aleksandra "Alex" Gillespie - Howlett, Jr. vacancy
Carolyn J. Gallagher - Johnson vacancy
Pat Heneghan - Palmer vacancy
Daniel Patrick Duffy - Ruscitti Grussel vacancy
Fredrick H. Bates - Walsh vacancy

Subcircuit Vacancies

D. Renee Jackson - 2nd Subcircuit Savage vacancy
Anna Loftus - 6th Subcircuit "A" vacancy
Colleen Reardon Daly - 10th Subcircuit Howard vacancy
Marc Martin - 11th Subcircuit Kelly vacancy
Ketki "Kay" Steffen - 13th Subcircuit - Fecarotta, Jr. vacancy

The FOP also endorsed Appellate Court candidate Bertina E. Lampkin (Quinn vacancy) and countywide Circuit Court candidate Maureen O'Donoghue Hannon (O'Brien vacancy).

The FOP has also decided to back Jacob Meister for Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Looking for more information about Cook County judicial candidates? Click here for the most complete information about every Cook County judicial contest.


Anonymous said...

It is really unfortunate, in my opinion, how seemingly flawed, and even careless, the screening process employed by the Supreme Court must be in evaluating judicial candidates for appointment to the Bench. The same can be said of the Bar Associations in issuing ratings; and organizations, like FOP #7, in issuing endorsements. It is my understanding that a judicial candidate, who is praised by the bar associations, slated by the Cook County Democratic Party, AND appointed by the Supreme Court to the Bench, will be the subject of an investigative report to be aired by a local Chicago new station on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, which illustrates this issue. All FWIW readers are encouraged to watch the report then visit the Judge's campaign website to view the posted pictures of the Judge's Supreme Court appointment ceremony. While some attorneys appointed to the Bench prefer simple, humble, private ceremonies; others have the need to be publicly honored in a packed room. I find it galling but that is just my opinion; pease draw your own conclusions this coming Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

As far as ratings and endorsements go, I do not understand why the CBA did not rate Daryl Jones for the 5th subcircuit Williams vacancy. What is the rational for him to be found automatically not recommended because he served on the CBA judicial evaluation committee at the beginning of the election year? I recall that Justice Theis appointed Judge Conlon to the Bench while Conlon was serving on the Justice Theis Bipartisan Judicial Screening Commission. I do not know, or have ever met Mr. Jones. I also do not live in the 5th subcircuit. My comment is not made to help his campaign but only to draw attention to a CBA policy that should be examined in light of the Conlon appointment. This seems very unfair to Mr. Jones. The next time Justice Theis speaks to the CBA she can explain why there is no reason for this policy. Apparently her committee has no such policy.