Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Christopher J. Stuart: In his own words

Christopher J. Stuart is a candidate for the Rivkin-Carothers vacancy in the 7th Subcircuit. His punch number is 243.

My thirty years as a trial lawyer makes me the most experienced candidate in this race. A legal career dedicated to fighting abuse of power and representing people often denied access to court.

Most recently I worked at a firm recognized by The National Law Journal as one of America’s Elite Trial Lawyers. While there I represented a federal agency and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars from the world’s largest investment banks. Money that directly benefited you, the American taxpayer.

Before then, I dedicated myself to the same fight for everyday people. I prosecuted companies who increased how much you paid for everyday goods and taxes by fixing prices for such things as air cargo, municipal bonds, and auto parts. I recovered money taken from individuals like you by banks, finance, insurance, and credit card companies. I have devoted my legal career to leveling the playing field for everyday people. I pledge to bring that same commitment to the courtroom.

My career has milestones that few achieve. Multi-million dollar recoveries from the companies at the center of the Big Short, where the mortgage crisis almost brought down this nation's economy, antitrust settlements among the highest in history, and recovering millions for retirees who had lost their savings. I have set legal precedent in antitrust, financial fraud, environmental, insurance, and racketeering law. My trial and litigation experience covers almost every area of law, antitrust, banking, bankruptcy, consumer rights, contracts, labor rights, financial fraud, insurance, real estate, securities fraud, and yes, even traffic court.

Every judicial candidate claims they will be fair and work to serve the people of Cook County. I back this with a legal career that has done just that. I have tried lawsuits large and small. Represented thousands who were victims of corporate wrongdoing, prevented a single mother of three from losing her home, and worked to get a credit company off the back of a senior citizen on a fixed income.

My desire to serve as a judge comes from the exemplary judges before whom I’ve had the privilege to appear. Judges like Sophia Hall, Lester Foreman, and Nicholas Bua. Judges who excelled in demeanor, management, and work ethic, and who demanded the same from every attorney who appeared before them. They embodied a simple judicial philosophy: Provide every person a full and impartial hearing, treat them with respect, and let them know their grievance has been heard by someone who has taken the time to learn the facts and apply the law accordingly. I pledge to follow this philosophy, to make my courtroom accessible to you, and demand that attorneys use the intelligence and work ethic that made them attorneys in the first place. Judges and attorneys are in the court room to serve both the law and you.

Learn more about me at I ask for your vote on March 15, and look forward to serving you as a Cook County judge.

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