Monday, December 02, 2013

The start of the first last day of judicial filing draws some new candidates

Judge Allan W. Masters filed this morning for the Jordan vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit, becoming the fifth candidate in that Democratic primary race (a Republican has also filed for that seat).

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Judge Masters to the Preston vacancy in the 9th Subcircuit this past June.

This is Judge Masters' second tour of judicial duty. He also served as a judge in the early 2000's, being recalled to judicial service in 2002. Judge Masters' current appointment is not a recall appointment.

(If WGN or the Medill Watchdog folks are looking in, it is not all that unusual for the Illinois Supreme Court to appoint a judge to a vacancy in a subcircuit where he or she is not eligible to run. It does not happen all the time -- more often, in fact, the court will appoint someone who lives in a subcircuit who then makes a bid to hold that seat on the primary -- but it does happen.)

Criminal defense attorney Robert D. Kuzas filed this morning for the Hardy-Campbell vacancy in the 7th Circuit. He is the first candidate to file for this newly opened vacancy. Licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1989, Kuzas maintains an office in downtown Chicago.

Oak Lawn attorney Richard J. Ryan also filed this morning for the countywide Egan vacancy. Ryan has been licensed in Illinois since 1994.

There will be more judicial filings as this first last day of judicial filing progresses. This is only the first last day of judicial filing since there is at least one additional Cook County vacancy that is posted for the special judicial filing period beginning December 16. Any additional Cook County vacancies would have to be posted as of today in order to meet the deadline for that special filing period.

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