Monday, December 02, 2013

Flurry of last minute filings bulk up all 9th Subcircuit races

Most of the 9th Subcircuit candidates, those that filed today and those who filed last week, are familiar to FWIW readers.

In the race for the Goldberg vacancy, there are now three candidates. Looking to unseat newly appointed Judge Jerry A. Esrig, are Nathan Benjamin Myers and Megan Goldish. Myers hasn't been mentioned here previously.

Meyers has been an Illinois attorney since 1985. He maintains a law office in Rogers Park. He has previously run for 49th Ward Alderman and Committeeman.

There are now four candidates for the Meyer vacancy. Only Anjana Hansen filed last week. Filing today, however, were Thomas Peter Kougias, Carolyn Joan Gallagher, and Monica A. Forte.

Kougias has not been mentioned here in connection with the 9th Subcircuit openings. Licensed as an Illinois attorney since 1988, Kougias maintains a law office at Lincoln and Peterson in Chicago. I have so far been unable for find any Kougias campaign website.

Monica A. Forte
Monica A. Forte was mentioned here as one of the many candidates who presented her credentials to 9th Subcircuit committeemen for consideration. Forte is employed by the Chicago firm of Crowley & Lamb, P.C. and has been licensed in Illinois since 1994. I have so far been unable to find any campaign website for Forte either.

Carolyn Joan Gallagher has a campaign website (linked above). She may or may not be planning to stay in this race: She also filed for the countywide Neville vacancy.

There are now five candidates for the Preston vacancy.

In addition to Abbey Fishman Romanek, Judge Michael Francis Otto, and Michael Alan Strom, Brian Alexander and Thomas M. Cushing have now also filed for this vacancy.

Brian Alexander
Brian Alexander was in the group that appeared before the 9th Subcircuit Committeemen. That's a link to Alexander's campaign website in the preceding sentence; a link has also been added to the blog Sidebar. Licensed in Illinois since 1976, Alexander is a principal in the Chicago firm of Alexander | Grossman.

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