Monday, December 09, 2013

Linda J. Pauel withdraws from 10th Subcircuit race

Linda J. Pauel has today folded her campaign for the "A" vacancy in the 10th Judicial Subcircuit, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

Pauel had been in a four-person race for that vacancy but, despite significant support, was not slated by the Democratic Committeemen in the 10th Subcircuit at their slating meeting last Friday. (Pauel was the committee's alternate selection, according to 40th Ward Ald. and Committeeman Pat O'Connor, meaning that if a second vacancy were to open up, Pauel would have the committeemen's endorsement for that second race. However, the cutoff for vacancies to be included in the special judicial filing period -- which will run from December 16-23 -- was December 2.)

Judge Anthony C. Kyriakopoulos is the Democratic Party's endorsed candidate in that race. Katherine A. O'Dell and Michael O'Malley have also filed in the Democratic primary for this vacancy. There is no Republican candidate.

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