Monday, December 09, 2013

Many judicial candidates facing objections to nominating petitions

New objections are still being posted on the Illinois State Board of Elections website at this hour. Today was the deadline for filing objections to candidates' nominating petitions.

This seems to be a banner year for objections.

Even two otherwise unopposed candidates have drawn objections this year: No one filed to run against Karla Marie Fiaoni for the Republican nomination for the Doody vacancy in the 15th Subcircuit but, late this afternoon, two separate objections were filed to her nominating petitions. At the other end of the county, no one filed to run against Caroline M. Kennedy-Elkins in the Democratic Primary for the Iosco vacancy in the 13th Subcircuit -- but an objection was also filed this afternoon to her candidacy.

A few words about objections: Although candidates are sometimes knocked off the ballot because of challenges, many objections fail. The mere filing of an objection does not automatically mean that the candidate has failed to procure enough valid signatures or meet any of the other many requirements to obtain a spot on the ballot.

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