Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In some races, an objection has been filed against everyone

There are two candidates for the O'Neal vacancy in the 2nd Subcircuit, Nyshana K. Sumner and Steven G. Watkins. But objections have been filed to the nominating papers they both filed.

This is also the case in the race for the Taylor vacancy in the 7th Subcircuit, where all three candidates, Owens J. Shelby, Judy Rice, and Marianne Jackson, have all drawn objections to their nominating papers.

Three of the five Democrats who filed for the Jordan vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit, and one of the two Republicans, also drew objections. On the Republican side, James Paul Pieczonka's papers were not challenged, but James I. Marcus faces a challenge. On the Democratic side, Samuel Bae, Judge James L. Kaplan, and Judge Allan W. Masters have each had objections filed to their nominating papers. James Edward Hanlon, Jr. and Ralph Eugene Meczyk are the other two candidates in the Democratic primary for that vacancy.

Two of the four candidates, all Democrats, in the 11th Subcircuit, are also facing objections to their nominating papers this morning, Gina A. Crumble and Judge Pamela McLean Meyerson. The other two candidates in that race are Scott Michael Kozicki and Joanne F. Rosado.

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