Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advertisement: CBS Radio advertising is more than just ads on the radio

CBS Radio is looking for judicial candidates to advertise on its six Chicago-area radio stations this campaign season, but on-air ads are only the beginning of what CBS Radio has to offer your judicial campaign.

There was a time when radio was something one heard on the alarm clock, or in the car, but voters also listen to radio these days on their computers and smart phones. CBS Radio can provide on-air ads, but also ads that air during on-line streaming, banner ads on station websites, and even emails that can be narrowly targeted to probable primary voters and likely campaign donors, countywide or in your subcircuit. CBS “Radio” can even point persons searching for information about judicial candidates directly to your campaign websites.

If you’d like to learn more about how CBS Radio can help your campaign, see the Candidate Marketing page on the CBS Local website or call Ron Murphy at (312) 297-7722. (You can also email Ron at ron.murphy@cbsradio.com.)

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