Friday, November 06, 2009

Nyhan files four four vacancies; he's one of four new filers for Dolan, Riley vacancies

John Patrick Nyhan, Chief Counsel in the Cook County Assessor's office, and a lawyer since 1998, filed petitions for the Bronstein, Dolan, Hayes, and Riley vacancies on Monday afternoon.

Nyhan was the only new candidate for the Bronstein and Hayes vacancies.

However, Nyhan was one of four new candidates to file for both the Dolan and Riley vacancies.

The Dolan Vacancy

In addition to Nyhan, Sharon Finnegan Patterson filed for this vacancy on Monday. She'd filed earlier for the Bronstein vacancy.

Ubi O'Neal also filed for the Dolan vacancy. A lawyer since 1993, O'Neal filed for the Keehan vacancy in 2007, but withdrew before the 2008 primary. According to the ARDC, O'Neal was censured by the Supreme Court in 1999. Patricia Manson's story about the case, for the September 8, 1998 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin noted that "a three-member panel of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission's Review Board found that O'Neal did not act with a fraudulent intent when he directed a client's wife to falsify a hospital's endorsement on a settlement check." Manson added, "While saying that obtaining an unauthorized endorsement was improper -- a fact that O'Neal acknowledged during the disciplinary proceedings against him -- the panel also found that O'Neal's violations were 'technical in nature' and that his conduct was not prompted by a 'malevolent motive.'" O'Neal maintains a solo practice in the Loop.

The last of the four new filers for the Dolan vacancy is Marvin W. Gray, a South Side solo practitioner. Gray has been an attorney since 1972.

The Riley Vacancy

Nyhan and Gray both filed for this vacancy.

Edmund Paul Michalowski, a lawyer since 1997, also filed for this vacancy. That's a link to his campaign website in the preceding sentence; a link has been added to the Sidebar. According to Sullivan's, Michalowski is a hearing officer with the Secretary of State's office. His campaign website says Michalowski is "serving as counsel within the office of the Illinois Secretary of State." The website says that Michalowski began his career with the City of Chicago. It emphasizes his volunteer work with Marillac House; the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago; Karen House, an unwed mother’s shelter; and with the John Paul II Newman Center.

Tracy J. Stokes, a former president of the Women's Bar Association of Illinois and an attorney in the Chicago office of James M. Hoffman & Associates, was the fourth new candidate to file for the Riley vacancy Monday.
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